Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) ?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a flexible search engine marketing platform which allows online advertisements to appear along-side organic (natural) search engine results. Your ad can be tailored specifically to the search term requested by the internet user, giving you direct control over your online marketing message for specific products and services.

Pay Per Click (PPC) allows you be in front of your target audience who are actively searching for your product. This means that anyone that clicks on your ad is a qualified customer and is looking to purchase something from you.


Affordable Packages

  • Accelerator Package

    Works best for growing businesses that are entering into the world of online marketing.

  • Professional Package

    Is best suited to businesses that want to make their existing online marketing efforts more sophisticated.


Your Dedicated Account Manager understand that to be successful in today’s business you need to be flexible and move quickly with the ever changing daily demands. We realise every business has different needs. That is why we provide a Dedicated Account Manager to look after your PPC campaign – your single point of contact for all issues, ensuring you speak to someone who understands your business, your website and your expectations.

Regardless of the campaign package you have chosen, you will benefit from a Dedicated Account Manager who is Google Adwords and Yahoo qualified, who provides first-class service and knows your business and its unique needs.


What We Do

To get your PPC campaign up and running,
Your Dedicated Account Manager will:

  • Discuss your business objectives
  • Research and select the correct keywords
  • Design your online ad creatives
  • Manage your monthly budget
  • Monitor your campaign traffic
  • Perform split testing
  • Optimise your campaign on a daily basis
  • Manage your keyword bids
  • Provide weekly performance reporting

Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Return on investment analysis
Initial Investment $1000
Cost per Click $1
Campaign Traffic 1000 clicks
10% Converted Clicks 100 Sales
Profit margin $100 p/sale
Total Revenue $10,000
ROI $9,000


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