CDKWeb offers customized content management systems so you can create and maintain your own website without having to learn HTML – hypertext markup language, ‘cause we really don’t like to see our customers sweat. Simply load the data following simple forms which provide a firm consistency to the website page layout and font usage. Plus, each CMS we create allows users to have secure access (username and password protected) to manage their database and instantly update the website as necessary.

Remember the “no sweating at CDK comment”? We meant that. CDKWeb develops custom Content Management System (CMS) applications for 75% of our clients versus using cumbersome third-party software. This allows each CMS to be individually designed to include simple modules that are tailored to your needs allowing quick and easy interface with your database without having any programming knowledge. See! Told you, no sweat! This approach also allows us to cost-effectively grow the CMS with the client (that would be you) for future scope instead of trying to forcibly manipulate an off-the-shelf product. Which, can sometimes not be a good thing. It’s like trying to force soy burgers to taste like beef.

CDKWeb creates your application to be managed by even the most inexperienced computer users with no programming or database experience necessary. Users who are familiar with online shopping will find the CMS very similar in structure. Training sessions will be provided at your location prior to the launch of the website to ensure the CMS users will fully understand how to successfully navigate and utilize the CMS.

Furthermore, depending on the complexity of the CMS, it is often drafted originally in a wireframe format allowing you to quickly and effortlessly make any changes necessary to the user interface prior to programming. Once the wireframes have been approved, the CMS will be created in the likeness of the wireframes, ensuring you have full control over the content being managed and the layout of said content.

Any changes submitted via the CMS are reflected immediately in the website or back-end software system, giving you the capability to instantly change the website at your leisure.

Just contact us today to find out our user-friendly content management solutions can grow your business!

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